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Women's Black Low Top Shoes - Small Pictograph Pattern



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Step up your style game while showcasing your faith with our Divine Step Women's High-Top Sneakers. Inspired by classic Converse design, these sneakers are a perfect combination of trendy fashion and spiritual expression, making them a must-have in any Christian man's wardrobe.

Key Features:

Breathable polyester canvas

Hi-poly deodorant memory foam insoles

EVA shock-absorbing layer

Durable rubber outsole

Material: Crafted with premium materials, these high-tops ensure both durability and comfort, whether you're on a casual walk or attending a youth group gathering.

Design: Each sneaker features tastefully integrated Christian symbols, making a bold statement of faith and fashion. The design is modern yet timeless, resonating with both young believers and the young at heart.

Fit: Specifically designed for women, these sneakers offer a supportive and snug fit, ideal for everyday wear.

Versatility: Their classic high-top style makes them suitable for various occasions, from casual church events to everyday streetwear.

Sizes: Available in a wide range of women's sizes to accommodate believers of all foot shapes and sizes.

  US 5.5 US 6 US 7 US 8 US 9 US 10 US 11 US 11.5 US 12
EU size 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
Heel to toe (inside), in 9.45 9.72 9.96 10.24 10.51 10.75 11.02 11.26 11.54
Width, in 3.46 3.54 3.62 3.70 3.78 3.86 3.94 4.02 4.06

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