Why Jesus Messiah?

Why was the 10,000 non-fungible GOD token as the Jesus Messiah collection created?

Short answer: Jesus Messiah gives back to the community for empowering us with songs, bible tools, and teaching that promote the word of God.

A tenth of your Jesus Messiah investments, from minting to aftermarket, will go back to artists, organizations and ministries that promote the gospel of grace.

A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the people of the Body of Christ to create new content about the Truth, free of charge, for everybody on the Web2 and Web3.

Jesus Messiah is the original 10,000 NFT collection that rests on the truth of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. All of the artwork is hand drawn and crafted.

You can now collect for yourself the numerous appearances that Jesus did following his sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sin.

It was so much fun creating the whole collection from a white background because I asked God to fashion it for me. All of the art is published on the Ethereum blockchain.

This 10,000 NFT collection, comprising over 24 million variations, has environments, colors, items, garments, and accessories, that are included because they’re signs that point to our resurrected Savior.

*This blog post will continue to be updated*