What's the story of the Bible?

What is the Bible summary?

Short answer: God loved you so much, that He gave you His only Son so that through Him you can be made perfect and have abundant life.

From the start, God created everything for our pleasure because He deeply loved us.

But then, we tried to obtain even more because we couldn’t fully appreciate all that He already gave us.

Therefore, the world fell into total disaster because we weren’t with Him anymore.

But, the Lord had a rescue plan from the beginning to restore our relationship with God because He loved us so much.

Therefore, the Lord restored all that we had broken on earth and gave us a new start in the world because He wanted a relationship with us.

But with time, we continued to live without God’s relationship because we had no reason to really believe we needed it.

Therefore, the Lord chose one man to inherit God’s promises because his descendants would become a great nation that would represent God’s goodness to the rest of the world.

But still, once the descendants of this man became numerous, this chosen nation disregarded God’s gifts because they had become prideful in their own ability.

Therefore, the Lord gave them His holy list of written requirements and sacrifices to follow and consequently be judged based on that rather than His unfailing love because the chosen nation wanted to boast about their results.

But, the relationship didn’t stand because no one could absolutely follow God’s perfect laws and offerings.

Therefore, the Lord came down from heaven to earth to accomplish the impossible law and to become our ever-lasting sacrifice for the chosen nation and for all who believe in Him as well, because nobody could do it alone.

But then, the chosen nation didn’t accept Jesus as their Lord, because they were still prideful in their own accomplishments of the law, which could not save them.

Therefore, even after being rejected by His chosen nation, Jesus still paid for everybody’s punishment on the cross for not following God’s requirements, while having perfectly followed them during His life, because He still wanted us to receive His holiness in exchange for our hopelessness.

But then, after having accomplished everything on our behalf, Jesus miraculously appeared to His followers because God raised Him from the grave.

He explained that he’d allow time for everyone to receive God’s relationship because He paid the price for it with His life.

Therefore, Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to become one with God because we are now judged as blameless and perfect by believing in His sacrifice.

We can’t ever again be separated from God’s love because God no longer looks at our actions or behaviors.

Now, God looks at what Jesus perfectly accomplished for us because we are covered with His blood.

But one day, as Jesus promised, He will come back to earth to start again with us because those who have reconciled their relationship with God will become incredibly numerous.

Therefore, as God had always intended it to be, we will live with Him for eternity without all the pain, hurt, or death of the world, because of the finished works of Jesus Christ by accepting Him as our Savior on the cross.

Jesus is the fulfilled promise as the Savior of the world, in other words, the “Messiah”.

He came on earth to take on our deserved punishment and to give us His perfect life as an undeserved gift because He loved us.

This divine exchange took place at the cross as our perfect sacrifice to God.

On the third day, God gave Him authority over everything because He raised Him from the dead.

Therefore, all who believe in Him will live forever because He is the only way to God.

My life completely transformed once I accepted this truth because of God’s grace and mercy through His Son Jesus Christ.

Finally, I understand that nothing can stop God's acceptance towards me regardless of what I might do because of all that Jesus did for me.

God can’t judge me for my bad anymore because His Son took that punishment for me.

God would not be a just judge if He were to still punish me because He judged His Son in my place.

Today, I live from the overflow of joy and peace that He gave me because I’m carried by God’s unconditional love.

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